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Version: 1.0

Lettria Sentence Object

In this object, each key corresponds to the returned object from a sub-API.

tokenizerlist of stringList of tokens
Entities_numerallist of Numeral Entity Object-
NERlist of NER ObjectLists all the Numeral Entities and Named Entities found in the sentence
NLPlist of NLP ObjectLemma for each token in the sentence
NLUlist of NLU ObjectUnderstanding for each token in the sentence
language_usedLanguage used ObjectLanguage detection
disturbancelist of Disturbance ObjectList of spell-checking objects for each token in the sentence
parser_dependencylist of Dependency ObjectDependencie for tokens in the sentence
postaggerlist of POS Tagger ObjectList of token - tag tuples
coreferencelist of Coreference ObjectList of found coreferences
emotionsEmotions ObjectEmotion analysis of the sentence
sentimentSentiment ObjectSentiment analysis of the sentence
sentence_actsSentence Acts ObjectDetection of sentence type
propositionlist of Subsentence ObjectList of subsentences found within the sentence
synthesislist of Synthesis Token Objectcompiles all the most relevant information for each token