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Version: 2.0


Group invitations

I received the invitation email to the group but when I go to the interface, there is no content and no notifications, what should I do?

There is an invitation notification at the top right corner of the navigation bar that must be accepted (bell icon with a red dot). Once this action has been carried out, you will be added to the group and have access to the designated content base on your user role.

If you still do not see the notification contact your Admin and have them resend an invitation to join the group.

If you do not receive an invitation to invitee may have mistyped your email address and will need to resend the invite.

Group notification

User Roles

What are the differences between Admin, SuperUser and User?

  1. Admin - Can add, edit and delete information.
  2. SuperUser - can edit information but cannot delete information.
  3. User - Can view group information but cannot add/edit or delete information.