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Version: 2.0

๐Ÿš€ Getting started

Understanding the menu

In order to get started with Lettria it's important to get familiar with the interface and where to find the tools you need.

All the tools you will need are found in the menu.


Each menu gives you the following options:

  1. List of tools
  2. Search option for menu item
  3. Access to tool page & option to create item
  4. Select item directly from list to open it

navigate menu


Creating a project

To create a project you can select Create a project from the menu or Create new from the project page.


Defining your project details

When creating a new project it is obligatory to add a project name. It is recommended to add a description to help others in your team understand the projects goals and principle objectives. Tags are optional but very helpful when searching for related topics. After youโ€™ve defined your project details select โ€˜Createโ€™ to finalize the creation of your project.


From your project page youโ€™ll be able to navigate your project elements by using the left side menu.

Project menu

Managing project settings

If you need to edit your project name or description you can access your project settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Once you make your changes remember to select Save before leaving the settings menu.

If you want to delete a project select โ€˜Deleteโ€™ in the top right-hand corner. If you donโ€™t have the delete option you may not have a role that gives you the permission to delete a project and you will need to contact your Admin to perform this action.

Manage project


After creating a project you can create groups.

Similarly to creating a project, you can create a group by going to the menu and selecting Create group or by selecting Create new from the Group page.

In order to create a group it obligatory to add a group name. Itโ€™s optional to add a group description but recommended if you have groups performing similar tasks.

Creating a group

After creating a group you can start adding group members. Go to the Members menu from the group page. To add a new member you will have to send an email invitation.

If the user does not have a Lettria account they will be prompted to create one. To accept a group invitation the user can go to the notification icon and select Accepter to join the group.

Adding group members

๐Ÿค” FAQs for Groups