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Lettria Knowledge Studio

Vos connaissances n'ont jamais été aussi faciles à utiliser

La grande majorité des connaissances de votre organisation n'est pas structurée et est donc sous-utilisée. Pensez à toutes les décisions éclairées que vous pourriez prendre si vous pouviez tirer parti de cette quantité d'informations non structurées.

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How Leroy Merlin improved customer experience by enriching their product catalog with Lettria

Tirez le meilleur parti de vos connaissances

Lettria Knowledge Studio a été conçu en gardant trois choses à l'esprit


ChatGPT ne vous dit pas d'où proviennent ses réponses, ce qui entraîne des inexactitudes et des hallucinations. Avec Lettria, vous pouvez retracer exactement l'origine des informations.


Les outils de gestion des connaissances de Lettria sont compatibles avec tous vos outils existants, que ce soit par le biais de connecteurs ou d'un accès facile à l'API. Vous n'aurez pas à modifier votre flux de travail.


Avec Lettria, vous pouvez déployer nos solutions sur votre propre cloud privé, ce qui vous garantit une transparence et une sécurité totales quant au stockage de vos données. Vous n'aurez pas le moindre doute.

Lettria's structuration model

Connect with all your sources

Choose from an expansive collection of data connectors or simply import your own files in various formats.

To ensure privacy, your data is safeguarded in a secure environment only you have access to. This data can be conveniently reused across all of your current and future word processing projects.


Create and manage your datasets

The dataset manager gives you the power to oversee your sources to effortlessly collaborate between teams as well as repurpose the sources for additional NLP projects across your organization.

Datasets are transformed into data assets.


Run a magic wand through your text

Manually cleaning up data can be a pain, but our pain is your gain. We have worked hard to automatic this tedious task and make it available to all our users.

Lettria now offers a precise cleaning formula that can be applied to each data type which makes it easy to manage cluttered data, such as speech-to-text transcripts.


Do this again and again,
at scale

The majority of NLP projects fail before they even get started. Pick a tool that allows you to focus on the meaning of your text, not on collecting and cleaning the data.


Sentiment Analysis

Leverage Lettria's Deep Learning-powered Sentiment Analysis, that is 30% more accurate* than a comparable open source model.

Our advanced solution deciphers and quantifies sentiment from -1 to 1 and detects different sentiments in different parts of the same sentence, allowing you to propel informed decisions, optimize brand reputation, and enhance customer experience with actionable insights.


Accurate Emotion Detection

Empower your business with Lettria's deep learning-powered Emotion Analysis, capable of detecting up to 28 distinct emotions in text.

A game-changer for elevating customer satisfaction, gauging public sentiment, and enriching user experiences.


Entity Detection and More

Lettria's Entity Recognition capabilities go way beyond standard open-source NER tools. In the same text, you can recognize regular entities, numeric entities, as well as meanings.

Identify a cappuccino as a "hot beverage" or a MacBook as an "electronic device", while extracting email IDs, phone numbers and scientific measurements from your text. The possibilities are endless.


Our Suite of Superior NLP Modules

Unlock the potential of Natural Language Processing with Lettria's suite of high-performing NLP modules, designed to deliver comprehensive linguistic analysis, these tools can transform your text data into meaningful insights.


Tell us more about what you want to do

You can choose between binary and multi label classification, regression or word tagging.


Upload your raw data and unlock smart labelling

You’re not alone : invite teammates or clients!
Collaborate with peer-to-peer reviewing.
Accelerate with Active Learning (30% less annotation on average). Don’t have any labelled data?
That’s ok, some of our models work without.


We handle the
model training

Our system trains several models in parallel, depending on your needs and data, and selects the most efficient one.


Deploy in a matter
of clicks

Export your own custom model, or wait for us to send you an API token. No devops, no hassle.


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