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Build and enrich your knowledge graph.

With Lettria, you can find entities and relationships in unstructured data and automatically build a knowledge graph that you can leverage.

While most graphs are built using structured, tabular data, with Lettria you can go one step ahead and start leveraging the rest of the data in your business.

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Use Lettria's highly developed ontology, or use your own.

Use our internal ontology — over 1,000,000 words and concepts about the world — to build your knowledge graph.

Or you can use your own organisation's ontology for more custom use cases. We accept all standard formats.

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Use the Graph DB that works for you.

While we use neo4j to visualise the graph on our platform, you can theoretically use any platform you like — TigerGraph, ArangoDB, MongoDB, Amazon Neptune — we can adapt to you.

We are platform-agnostic. The important thing is your access to your knowledge.

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