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Ontology Enrichment

Kickstart your knowledge management journey with a strong ontology, crafted with our no-code solution. Whether you aim to assist LLM with hallucinations, enhance internal collaboration, or deepen data understanding, you can now confidently navigate the complexities of knowledge management.

Discover how AP-HP harnessed the power of ontology to enhance customer experience

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How Leroy Merlin uses knowledge graphs to leverage its own data

Build your ontology from your data

Effortlessly create your first ontology by automatically integrating relevant concepts and relationships from diverse unstructured data sources, such as csv, txt and pdf.

Our system ensures the integrity and coherence of your ontology by carefully vetting suggested additions, filtering out noise, and prioritizing relevance.

Empowering Automation and AI with Ontologies

Ontologies lay the groundwork for smart systems like AI and automation.

By organizing data and establishing connections, they enable algorithms to reason and automate tasks, leading to smoother operations and increased efficiency.

Streamlined Data Integration

Organize and manage your data more effectively, facilitating collaboration and decision-making across your organization.

Improve data integration and interoperability across different systems and departments, enabling smoother communication and collaboration among various parts of your organization.

How it works?

Here's what we offer in four steps:

1. Upload data

Simply upload your datasets.

2. Kickstart ontology & Analyze

Add a few important concepts related to your company and identify areas for ontology enrichment.

3. Enrich

Review and approve suggested enrichments, or customize them to better fit your needs.

4. Apply

Apply the enriched ontology to your projects, gaining deeper insights and improving data understanding.

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