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Our Approach

Welcome to the AI Revolution: The Dawn of a New Era in NLP

As we experience an AI revolution not unlike the invention of electricity, NLP stands at the forefront, propelled by 50 years of development and open-source contributions.

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Addressing the critical challenges of NLP

We're on a mission to construct a new NLP paradigm. We’re harnessing our linguistic database of more than 800,000 words, the power of Large Language Models as well as/powered by the open-source community to build a new breed of hybrid NLP solutions that will transform the way text is processed across industries.

NLP has experienced remarkable progress, yet there are still considerable challenges to address, such as:

Sustainability and resource optimization

Explainability of results

Data privacy and transparency

Consistency of results

Moreover, as the emphasis shifts from demonstration to true industrialization, scalability and cost-effectiveness emerges as a vital factor. On top of that, technical and non-technical teams currently often work in silos due to the sheer complexity of NLP tools today.

To overcome these obstacles and foster collaboration, we must bridge the gap by uniting business experts, real use cases, and advanced technology in a seamless, no-code platform that integrates everyone's input.

Empowering NLP projects
with LLMs and seamless integration

Our NLP platform, Lettria, is built on three core pillars:

Easy to use

We focus on creating smaller, task-specific models and utilizing graph-based techniques to achieve superior results, in a more efficient way.

Fast time to value

Our no-code platform makes high-powered text processing and analysis capabilities accessible to users with virtually all technical backgrounds.

Exceptional performance

Lettria leverages advanced NLP and cloud computing power for fast, accurate, high-volume text analysis, enabling scalability & customization.

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Joining forces for a brighter future in AI

We're honored to collaborate with industry-leading cloud providers such as OVH and AWS, as well as our valued investors at SIA Partners along with various business angels.

Award-winning technology

Throughout the years, we’ve also won several awards for our tech, most recently one for our Voice2CRM solution that we developed with La Poste.