Spinning text into gold.

Lettria is building a new NLP paradigm so that companies of all size, from start-ups to big organizations can turn textual data into smart decisions.

Join leading academic and business organizations trusting Lettria.

The one-stop platform

A unified platform with a modern API

Lettria helps organizations leverage state-of-the-art text processing technologies to embrace everyday business challenges.

  • All-in-one NLP/NLU API with high accuracy
  • Collaboration on dictionaries
  • Knowledge extraction and structuration
  • Data annotation and Auto NLP model
  • Ready to scale

“Lettria has been collaborating for 2 years now with researchers from the Institut Mines Télécom and INRIA on knowledge graphing projects. The results obtained so far are quite exceptional!”

Patrick Duvaut Head of Innovation

“Lettria's technology stack is highly valued by our data science team, which uses it to support our customers on ambitious NLP projects and also to power our product line.”

Matthieu Courtecuisse CEO chez Sia Partners

“In the last few years, I have encountered many NLP companies. Very often, the results and methodologies are not convincing. Lettria seduced us with its hybrid approach at the crossroads of linguistics and Deep Learning.”

Eric Vibert Member of Numeric Innovation Group at APHP

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