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Here's why a GPT-based solution isn't cutting it for production:

Using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 for your NLP might be a quick solution, but it's not the way to scale.


Results obtained from an LLM can differ a lot depending on the prompt and the version of the model. It adds a lot of uncertainty.

Privacy Issues

If you're working on sensitive data, you need to look for a solution that complies with regulation and ensures data privacy.

Scalability Issues

LLMs are very slow to process. If you require real-time processing, or if you collect a lot of data in one request, you'll quickly run into issues.

High Price

Using LLMs on a daily basis can become very expensive as your usage grows, whether you deploy an open-source model on a server, or pay for a closed-source API.

What users think of Lettria

Lettria is a leader in Small-Business Text Analysis on G2
Lettria is a leader in Text Analysis on G2

10x Shorter Timeline

"Our IT team has managed to deploy and integrate our machine learning model in a matter of weeks instead of months”

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4x Greater Collaboration

“Lettria relieved our business teams. They can now focus on validating high value-added suggestions.”

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+15% Model Accuracy

“We were impressed by the accuracy of Lettria's Sentiment & Emotion Analysis tool.”

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Easy to use

We focus on creating smaller, task-specific models and utilizing graph-based techniques to achieve superior results, in a more efficient way.

Fast time to value

Our no-code platform makes high-powered text processing and analysis capabilities accessible to users with virtually all technical backgrounds.

Exceptional performance

Lettria leverages advanced NLP and cloud computing power for fast, accurate, high-volume text analysis, enabling scalability & customization.

Text cleaning Illustration
An image showing the possibilities with Lettria
An image depicting the AutoLettria panel.
An image showing the possibilities with Lettria

NLP Studio Use Cases

CRM Enrichment Software

Explore how the Text Classification API can make CRM Enrichment tools more accurate.

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Speech Analysis Software

See how Lettria's Text Mining API can be used to supercharge verbatim analysis tools.

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Quality Monitoring Software

See how Lettria's Text Classification API can help make quality monitoring tools more robust.

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15% more accurate than open source solutions.

Get started with Lettria NLP Studio. Built to be production ready, at a price that makes it accessible.

Here's what we offer in four steps:

Custom Designed NLP Pipeline

We'll help you design your NLP pipeline with your use-cases and data, and then give you an API to process text with.

Support From Start To Production

You'll have the support of our engineers all the way from planning to production, to answer all your questions and give you the best advice.

Create A Scalable Pipeline

Don't hold yourself back. Go beyond a ChatGPT MVP and create a pipeline that can scale with your growth.

Cheaper and Faster than GPT

Our clients divide their OpenAI billing 5x on average, while speeding up inference 10x.

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