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Automate your growth

Don’t solve the wrong problems.

Take action quickly, and on the right issues. Lettria allows you to easily understand, route and track information in thousands of reviews.

  • Understand your customers' exact emotions about your product or service, even if there are multiple.
  • Automatically route relevant reviews to the appropriate departments for quick action.
  • Track trends and gain insights through data visualization of reviews on specific aspects.

Main Features

Discover our main features

A team of data science experts
50+ integrations available
Data cleaning platform and API
Open-source-based technology
A team of expert linguists
Secure architecture
4+ years of expertise in AI and NLP
A personalized onboarding
Real-time data transfer

Your customers expect more from you.

71% of customers expect personalised experiences based on past interactions with brands, and 76% feel frustrated when they don’t receive them. It’s up to you to learn what they need.


of customers are likely

to switch to a competitor

after one bad experience.

90 times

per week is how much
the average consumer
mention brands on Social Media

Without Lettria

With ChatGPT



With Lettria



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