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La Poste Solutions Business: using NLP to boost call center performance

La Poste Solutions Business: using [.yellow]NLP[.yellow] to [.purple] boost call center[.purple] performance

La Poste Solutions Business, the B2B brand of La Poste, wanted to improve the quality of its customer relations and boost the performance of its call center sales force. It called on Lettria's NLP technology to analyze all call transcripts and automatically enrich its Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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About La Poste Solutions Business

La Poste Solutions Business is La Poste's B2B brand for businesses, local authorities and public administrations. Since 2010, it has been supporting the development of businesses and the public sector to improve their performance and competitiveness, over the long term, throughout France.

In 2021, La Poste Solutions Business noticed a significant loss of customer information between the end of the call made or received by its sales representatives and the addition of the conversation to its CRM. It therefore approached Lettria to benefit from its natural language processing technology and automatically enrich its CRM.

Project challenges

The contribution of AI and the NLP solution developed by Lettria had to meet several objectives:

  • Limit the risks of compartmentalization and loss of customer information.
  • Increase sales performance and the quality of customer relations.
  • Provide precise, operational performance indicators.
  • Identify themes and trends arising from customer requests.
  • Gain a global view of customer expectations.

To achieve this, the aim was to extract key information from each customer conversation. A major challenge, given that La Poste Solutions Business handles over 1 million calls every year.

The methodology used

Lettria's methodology is characterized by a highly inclusive and personalized approach. The aim is to obtain feedback from all users to create with them a tailored solution, perfectly adapted to the context of La Poste Solutions Business.

From September 2021, and over the course of 4 months, Lettria and La Poste teams conducted weekly 2-hour joint workshops, to define the best approach and identify in a highly operational way the conversational data likely to be automatically populated into the CRM.

32 "Voice2CRM" labels were defined to qualify conversations. These labels were used to train the AI with NLP technology developed by Lettria, coupled with an API that automatically integrates the data into the appropriate CRM fields. Within 4 months, La Poste Solutions Business had an operational proof of concept.

"The relationship between sales representatives and their customers is at the heart of what's at stake. Lettria's Voice2CRM tool shows very objectively the points and questions raised, and highlights the business actions that need to be improved. In the end, it's all positive, and helps us to improve our sales methods".

"Lettria communicates with our CRM on 24 types of data, structured and labeled. So there's plenty of potential for development. Marketing will be able to exploit the data and propose ever more bankable campaigns to our sales people"

— Nathalie Crauet, Digital Project & Voice Program Manager – La Poste Solutions Business

Project milestones

The implementation of Lettria's NLP technology in La Poste Business Solution's call centers involved 5 key stages:

  1. Definition of a work plan based on a precise strategy and objectives, calibrated to La Poste's needs.
  2. A development phase dedicated to integrating the platform and customizing the algorithms to ensure proper integration of the technology and optimize machine learning performance.
  3. A test phase to evaluate the solution's ability to identify key information and automate CRM data entry. Deployment of the solution applied to 100% of calls made in La Poste Solutions Business call centers.
  4. Ongoing optimization based on user feedback and close collaboration with La Poste teams.

Results and benefits

Before Lettria's intervention, only 3% of La Poste Solutions Business calls were subject to conversational analysis. Now, 100% of calls are processed. Key information is automatically entered into the CRM system. Thanks to the NLP technology developed by Lettria, La Poste Solutions Business has seen:- A 15% increase in call center performance in just 6 months.- A 50% reduction in the time spent manually entering data into the CRM.- A significant reduction in costs associated with CRM management and inbound call monitoring.


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