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ChatGPT got the ball rolling, Lettria takes it end-to-end with the ultimate text processing platform. Private, open-source and no-code.

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Whether you want to automate a manual task or gain insight from multiple documents, Lettria’s text analysis features are designed to find new opportunities in your data.
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Lettria is a leader in Small-Business Text Analysis on G2
Lettria is a leader in Text Analysis on G2

10x Shorter Timeline

“We have made Lettria a weekly event to monitor the quality of calls and guide our actions.”

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4x Greater Collaboration

“Lettria relieved our business teams. They can now focus on validating high value-added suggestions.”

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+15% Model Accuracy

“We were impressed by the accuracy of Lettria's Sentiment & Emotion Analysis tool.”

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Open-source versatility meets proprietary expertise:

Exclusive Knowledge Base

We've meticulously classified over 800,000 words via our expert linguists, providing your NLP with immediate context.

Pre-Trained Solutions

Our hand-curated datasets propel us beyond the capabilities of typical open-source models.

The Power of LLMs

We've harnessed cutting-edge AI advancements to supercharge our platform.

Knowledge Structuration

Structure your raw data automatically, and pave the way for more accurate, meaningful and actionable insights.

To create the last-mile AI platform

With our proprietary technology automating 90% of the workload, we'll collaborate to complete the remaining 10%—achieving milestones in weeks, not months.

Discover how organizations have already put Lettria's AI text analysis to work.

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How Sia Partners analyze 50K reviews per day for their clients

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