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About us

The Lettria Team

Our team is comprised of experienced leaders and innovators in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and digital business.

With decades of combined experience, we are working to enable more intelligent systems through machine learning, open data, and communications.

Lettria Team

Three teams of domain experts

Each one of our three teams is dedicated to help make NLP accessible for everyone.

Data & Tech

We have data & tech experts working on developing our NLP models and our no-code platform.


Our linguistics experts make sure that our language models are the best possible.

Business Operations

Marketing and sales experts are here to grow new business. Our founders are also all involved in business operations.

At Lettria, our goal is simple

There is a lot of evangelizing to be done around NLP, but the opportunities are numerous and the fields of application very broad. We want to make powerful technologies like language models, NLP and text processing accessible to everyone, sustainably and efficiently.

We know we can’t get there alone. That’s why we have already formed strategic partnerships with major tech players and rising talents to create the tools of the future.

— Message from the CEO

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Lettria’s Founders

Lettria’s three founders were driven early-on by the power of artificial intelligence to transform businesses. Six years ago, they set out to build an AI company that could harness the latest natural language processing technologies to help companies gain actionable insights from their data.

Charles Borderie

Avatar Charles

Charles is a serial entrepreneur, with a consulting background in Europe and the Americas.

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Marian Szczesniak

Avatar Marian

AI expert and developer, Marian’s spent over 6 years building NLP applications.

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Victor de La Salmonière

Avatar Victor

An engineer at heart, Victor is passionate about DevOps, data science and development.

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An Expert Team of Advisors

We have some of the most experienced players in the AI/NLP space advising us.

Gaëtan Gachet

CSO at Algolia

Avatar Gaetan

Gaëtan has 15+ years of experience in tech sales, partnerships, & strategy.

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Octave Klaba

CEO at OVHcloud

Avatar Octava

Founder of one of the largest cloud computing companies in the world.

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Raphael Troncy

Professor at EURECOM

Avatar Data Producter

Leader of the D2KLab group in the Data Science department, expert in Knowledge Engineering on the Web, NLP and Recommender Systems.

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Our Investors

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