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Access our Most Advanced NLP Technology with Lettria’s New No-Code Platform

We've officially launched an integrated platform to democratize AI text analysis.

We spent the last few months partnered with product experts at Mozza to release a new platform in line with our vision, revolutionizing the ways we analyze text.

After completely reimagining our capabilities and interface, we’re confident that our first no-code platform is ready to transform the industry and make text analysis projects accessible to everyone.

A Milestone for Integrating NLP

This new platform has already had a significant impact on our clients. The beta version has been lived tested by a number of our existing users, and La Poste’s primary call centers have made Lettria a weekly event to monitor the quality of interactions and guide next steps.

Outside of data teams, leveraging the new platform in beta has allowed our key business partners to explore datasets independently and track insights without relying on outside expertise; some of our most positive feedback has come from executives who are typically far removed from data science projects.

Cofounder Marian Szczesniak recently announced that in light of so much progress in AI technology, "Lettria doesn’t simply want to get the best out of NLP, but to make text analysis projects accessible to everyone." With the new platform, this mission is now a reality.


By working hand-in-hand with some of the most active AI developers in the world, today we’re able to bring text analysis technology to a wealth of new users, leveraging textual data in their language of choice.

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Features Focus

Reimagining the User Experience

The sleek new interface in our platform is designed to be uniquely intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier than ever to process text and get your work done efficiently. By partnering with a product studio, we’ve completely overhauled previous setbacks users typically face when using NLP in their projects. Together with Mozza, we’ve interviewed dozens of clients and data experts to map a holistic user journey, rendering the most advanced AI technology accessible to everyday users.

Insights have helped us build solutions around problems most data teams typically encounter. We’ve discovered that it’s typically at the end of AI projects that problems tend to be noticed. Fixing issues at the final stage or building prototypes normally requires lots of back and forth between different tools to figure out where the problem lies, making projects longer and more prone to failure. With the new Lettria platform, you can adjust algorithms, update datasets and annotate at every stage of your NLP project.

Our new platform includes a range of innovative features that have been designed to meet the needs of users across a variety of industries:

A Streamlined Project Page

lettria product page

Centralize your project resources by working with a project page that displays everything in the same space. This new hub feature users to know which modules are currently active and understand the remaining steps in making the most of their NLP project.

New Project Creation Tools

Lettria project creation selection gif

Whether you’re a data expert or just starting to wrap your head around working with NLP, we’ve broken down the most innovative use-cases that have come up when working with the Lettria platform, allowing easy access to our most advanced solutions. This way, no matter what you hope to get out of your dataset, you can take inspiration from our most impactful algorithms and start seeing insights right away.

Modules with Real-Time Output

We’ve simplified the process of adding and remove modules in your projects, so that you can automatically check how various modules impact your dataset. The ability to track results in real time allows for users to fast-track deployment by finding the perfect solution without manually adjusting their analytics.

Real-Time Demo on Any Text

The new interface fully leverages our state-of-the-art NLP technology, enabling users to conduct complex analyses quickly and easily. You’re free to test your solution at any time during the deployment of a NLP project, by loading a text of your choice to check effectiveness. This way, you know where you stand in terms of progress, and can make necessary adjustments in the ML algorithms. Feel free to try out the Lettria platform on your own datasets, or take advantage of one of the sample datasets available on our and see how NLP technology can fit into your personal projects.

About Lettria

We're developing the first end-to-end no-code AI platform dedicated to word processing. Founded in 2019 by Marian Szczesniak, Victor Goguet de la Salmonière and Charles Borderie, the company now brings together 20+ experts in data science, linguistics, and software development. It supports both large accounts (La Poste, ADEO) and start-ups (Konsistent App, Juisci, Julia).

To get in touch, contact:

CEO & Co-founder

Charles Borderie


While democratization is an important step, it's not enough on its own. We also need to provide the necessary tooling to foster industrialization and make these technologies accessible to business experts of all backgrounds, regardless of their coding abilities. No-code tools are a crucial piece of this puzzle, allowing businesses to leverage the power of AI without requiring a team of developers to make it happen.
Adrien Montcoudiol, CEO of Mozza
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