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Lettria and OVHcloud Partner to Simplify AI Deployments

It’s official — we’ve partnered with OVHcloud to integrate our NLP platform into the leading European cloud, removing barriers to AI adoption so organizations can gain text insights. Discover OVHcloud’s AI Deploy platform today.

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At Lettria, we are pioneering Natural Language Processing solutions that empower organizations to extract impactful insights from text data. Since our founding, we have developed an intuitive NLP studio enabling users without technical expertise to analyze sentiment, detect emotions, extract entities and more from unstructured text.

Our proprietary techniques allow us to train highly accurate NLP models that understand the nuances of human language. We leverage advanced deep learning architectures including CNNs, LSTMs and Transformer-based neural networks. Our team of AI researchers and linguists use techniques like active learning, transfer learning, and multi-task learning to continuously enhance model performance.

By combining customizable NLP with a no-code interface, our platform makes sophisticated AI accessible to all. Users can upload datasets, annotate text, train custom models and deploy projects tailored to their needs. Our orchestration engines scale compute resources to handle enterprise data volumes.

We are thrilled to partner with OVHcloud and integrate our NLP platform with their AI Deploy solution. This collaboration will allow us to provide our AI innovations to OVHcloud's extensive customer base. With AI Deploy's automated deployment tools, we can now offer our NLP studio to OVHcloud's 1.5 million customers across industries and geographies.

This partnership helps us advance our mission of democratizing access to impactful AI applications. Together, we are removing barriers of complexity and cost that have limited mainstream AI adoption until now. By simplifying and securing AI deployments, we are empowering more organizations to leverage NLP and transform their businesses.

The Strategy Behind This Partnership

For OVHcloud, integrating Lettria's NLP offers immense strategic value:

Access to Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities

By integrating Lettria's NLP platform, OVHcloud can now provide its customers with access to advanced AI capabilities that were previously out of reach. Our text analysis tools like sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and emotion detection unlock game-changing insights that can transform businesses. However, implementing enterprise-grade NLP from scratch requires substantial data science expertise and computing resources. Our collaboration removes these barriers, allowing OVHcloud customers to quickly deploy impactful AI innovations.

New Revenue Streams from In-Demand Services

Our partnership gives OVHcloud a new high-value service to generate additional revenue streams. NLP and ML tools are in high demand across industries as companies race to digitally transform. However, most lack internal capabilities to build custom AI solutions. By offering access to Lettria's NLP studio, OVHcloud can monetize this rapidly growing need. Customers get turnkey access to our user-friendly text analysis models tailored to their use cases. For OVHcloud, our collaboration represents a strategic product offering that caters to customer needs.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

The integration with Lettria also supports OVHcloud's commitment to powering customer innovation. By leveraging our NLP models, businesses can transform processes, uncover opportunities, and improve customer experiences. For instance, they can analyze sentiment from customer conversations to strengthen relationships. Or use entity extraction to structure and analyze data faster. Access to impactful AI unlocks digital transformation, allowing OVHcloud customers to better serve their own users.

Competitive Edge with Exclusive AI Innovations

Additionally, our partnership provides OVHcloud with exclusive access to Lettria's cutting-edge NLP technologies. This gives them capabilities beyond competitors, setting their cloud offerings apart. With us, OVHcloud can offer customers the latest AI innovations to solve real-world problems. Exclusive access to our user-friendly NLP platform is a key competitive advantage for OVHcloud vs. other providers. It enables them to be true partners in their customers' digital journeys.

As Octave Klaba, OVHcloud's founder shared:

"We're excited to offer Lettria's NLP platform to customers. Their solution allows companies of all sizes to deploy robust AI within weeks."

Simplifying the Process of Deployments

AI Deploy removes the complexities of deploying AI innovations:

Streamlined ML Applications

No Kubernetes expertise needed! AI Deploy allows customers to deploy machine learning models and applications easily without needing Kubernetes expertise. Kubernetes is the leading orchestration platform for deploying containerized apps at scale. However, it requires significant technical skills to set up and manage.

AI Deploy abstracts away this complexity so users can focus on their AI projects. It handles deploying models and apps encapsulated in Docker containers with a few clicks. This removes a major obstacle to operationalizing AI innovations.

Managed Infrastructure and Security

Additionally, OVHcloud manages all infrastructure, security and ops when using AI Deploy. This includes provisioning servers, configuring networks, managing storage, applying security patches, and more.

With AI Deploy, users don't have to become DevOps experts to put models into production. OVHcloud's teams handle deployments start to finish, while users concentrate on high-value AI development.

Flexible Scaling

AI Deploy also provides flexible resource allocation and automatic scaling optimized for machine learning workloads. Users simply specify the minimum and maximum compute instances allowed. The service then automatically scales up when demand increases and down when it decreases.

This ensures ML models and apps have the right amount of compute resources at all times. Customers pay only for the instances used. AI Deploy's auto-scaling streamlines costs while providing an optimal experience.

Transparent Upgrades

The platform also enables continuous improvement of deployments through transparent upgrades. New model versions can be deployed without any downtime through rolling upgrades.

Logs and metrics provide visibility into deployments for monitoring and troubleshooting. AI Deploy simplifies iteration so users can focus on enhancing model accuracy and capabilities.

Predictable Costs

Finally, usage-based billing provides predictable costs aligned to value. Customers pay only for the compute resources used per deployment. There are no commitments required, and the number of inference requests is unlimited.

This pricing model lowers the barriers to productive AI deployments by keeping costs proportional to usage. Organizations can adopt AI securely knowing their investment is optimized.

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Democratizing AI to Empower Businesses

Together, Lettria and OVHcloud are accelerating our shared mission of democratizing AI and empowering businesses through simplified, secure deployments. By integrating Lettria's NLP studio with OVHcloud's AI Deploy solution, we are removing the traditional barriers of complexity, cost and infrastructure management.

Now, organizations of all sizes and across all industries can easily access sophisticated AI to unlock impactful insights from unstructured text data. Our innovative collaboration makes cutting-edge NLP technology accessible with just a few clicks.

We are committed to advancing AI innovations not just for an elite few, but for the benefit of people across public and private sectors. Our partnership helps tear down the walls limiting mainstream adoption, so more users can leverage AI to solve problems, unearth opportunities and transform experiences.

Get started by exploring the possibilities with the Lettria NLP platform. If you’re curious, feel free to book a demo tailored to your use case and industry. Our NLP experts are ready to partner with you.v

Questions? Get in touch and chat with our team if you’d like to discuss specific challenges and start strategizing your AI journey today.

Technology should bring people together, not apart. At Lettria, we are pioneering AI solutions that serve people of all backgrounds, fostering innovation across borders. Because when everyone has access to the tools of progress, the real work begins.


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