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Text Annotation Made Easier

Here’s our new annotation interface, aimed at making the process of text annotation faster, easier and more intuitive.

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We are excited to announce a significant update to our text annotation tool, designed to make your AI workflows even more efficient and user-friendly. Our team has been hard at work implementing new features and enhancements that will simplify your text labelling and annotation management, offering you the ability to streamline your work processes and improve productivity.

What’s New in Annotation

A Streamlined Labeling Experience

One of our key updates revolves around how you label your text data.

We understand the importance of a smooth, efficient labeling process, so we've updated our system to make it as intuitive as possible.

Now, when you highlight a word or a group of words, your label list will conveniently pop up right below. You'll have the ability to either search for a label or browse through your existing label set, selecting the one you require with ease.

Not to mention, we've refined our word selection mechanism, making it easier than ever to highlight the text you want to annotate.

Suggestions and Pre-Annotations

Any suggestions or pre-annotations available will also appear in the menu as well as at a glance when looking at the full text, helping you make quick and accurate decisions.

Keyboard Shortcut Integration

We recognize the importance of speedy data annotation, especially for our power users who appreciate keyboard shortcuts.

As part of this update, we have introduced 18 new keyboard shortcuts aimed at boosting the speed of your text annotation tasks. Now, you can navigate through your annotation workflow faster than ever, with every essential command just a keystroke away.

Comprehensive Annotation Management

As our users deal with extensive text data, we know the challenges that come with managing numerous annotations.

To address this, we have improved the functionality of annotation management, particularly beneficial for longer annotations with a large number of labels.

You'll now be able to view all your annotations collectively in one place, making review and editing tasks significantly easier. Whether you need to edit or delete annotations, there's no more need to individually select each one from the text.

This enhanced view offers a quick overview and efficient management of your annotations, thereby accelerating your review process.

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We're thrilled to roll out these updates to all users, and we're confident that these new features will provide a more enjoyable and efficient text annotation experience.

Please check out our updated tool and let us know your feedback. Your input is invaluable to us as we strive to offer the best text annotation tool in the market.

Reach out to us at for any feedback, queries or comments!


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