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Konsistent grew their revenue by 25% leveraging Lettria's NLP platform

[.orange]Konsistent[.orange] grew by over [.purple]25% in their first year[.purple] leveraging Lettria's NLP platform

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Who is Konsistent?

Konsistent is the unique preventative and education tool helping to tackle bias, harassment, and exclusion in the workplace. Konsistent detects and flags harmful language in real-time and provide resources to help educate employees on potential unconscious bias and aggressions. Konsistent fights harassment and exclusion from the prevention to the cure: companies can identify potential problems early on and take action to prevent them from happening.

The Problem

Workplace issues like harassment, discrimination and unaddressed employee concerns pose serious risks for businesses. Konsistent identified the need for an AI-powered solution to gain data-driven insights, ensure compliance, and protect organizations and their employees.

How did this project get its start?

Konsistent recognized the role technology could play in safeguarding organizations from legal, ethical and reputational risks stemming from workplace problems. With the goal of developing a solution to address sensitive HR issues and ensure compliance, Konsistent sought out an NLP partner with proven capabilities.

After evaluating several options, Konsistent chose to work with Lettria. Lettria's advanced NLP platform, expertise in HR tech applications, and collaborative approach were key differentiators in solidifying the partnership.

The Konsistent and Lettria teams worked together closely to build a software solution leveraging Lettria's API with custom ML techniques for detecting harassment, discrimination, policy violations and employee concerns. Lettria's existing linguistic database of 750,000 annotated words in English and French was critical for providing the level of insight required.

What does working with Lettria look like?

Collaborating with Lettria involves integrating their NLP platform into Konsistent's HR compliance solution. The partnership includes planning, development, testing, deployment and continued optimization stages.

In planning, the teams define project goals, scope and timelines. They determine how Lettria's NLP capabilities will be applied and customized based on Konsistent's domain and objectives.

During development, Lettria's experts work with Konsistent's engineers to integrate the NLP platform and optimize algorithms to achieve high accuracy for the solution.

Extensive testing ensures the integrated software meets key performance benchmarks before deployment. Konsistent and Lettria then continue working together to provide support, make updates, enhance features, and optimize the NLP models as needed based on usage data.

By collaborating with Lettria, Konsistent gains access to advanced NLP that powers their ability to provide data-driven insights and strategies for addressing sensitive workplace issues. Lettria's platform and expertise have been instrumental in enabling Konsistent to develop an innovative solution for HR compliance and risk management.


The partnership between Konsistent and Lettria has enabled Konsistent to provide organizations with a powerful solution for navigating the complex challenges around HR compliance and risk management. By leveraging Lettria's NLP expertise, creating custom sentiment analysis metrics such as toxicity analysis, Konsistent offers software that provides data-driven insights and a system for maintaining a respectful, secure work environment.

Konsistent's clients now have an innovative tool for detecting, understanding and addressing sensitive issues like harassment, discrimination and unmet employee concerns. Backed by Lettria's NLP, Konsistent supplies organizations in need with a way to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, safeguard employee wellbeing, and avoid reputation damage or crisis.

The success of Konsistent's solution demonstrates AI's possibilities for enabling social and corporate responsibility. By collaborating with Lettria, Konsistent built software that guides organizations to make ethical decisions and protects their greatest asset—talented, respected employees.


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