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La Poste saves 200 000 € on their call centers thanks to AI

[.orange]La Poste[.orange] saves [.purple]200 000€[.purple]  on their call centers thanks to AI

Discover how La Poste saves each of its managers 36 hours a month with Lettria


increase of performances

3 weeks

to implement

200k €



less manual tasks

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Who is La Poste?

La Poste is a French public limited company operating mainly as a postal service operator, bank, insurer, cell phone operator, provider of digital services and commerce solutions, e-commerce and data collection and sales. They're operating in 40 countries and have over 240,000 employees.

The Problem

With call centers and post offices nationwide, La Poste Group depends on understanding and optimizing all customer touchpoints to provide exceptional service. La Poste sought to enhance visibility into call center performance through an in-depth analysis of 100% of calls, rather than a small sample. They also aimed to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry by automatically structuring and adding call details to their CRM.

How did this project get its start?

La Poste partnered with Lettria to develop an AI solution that could analyze call center calls to optimize performance, identify compliance issues, and automatically log customer interactions in their CRM. Lettria's NLP platform and experience developing call center solutions aligned with La Poste's requirements, and the solution used sentiment and emotion analysis and named entity recognition to analyze call data.

What does working with Lettria look like?

Partnerships involves continuously optimizing an AI solution that enhances La Poste’s call center and CRM capabilities. Key stages include:


Defining objectives and strategy. Determining how Lettria’s NLP will be applied and customized based on needs.


Integrating Lettria’s platform and customizing algorithms for La Poste’s call transcription technology, synchronizing data, and optimizing machine learning performance.


Assessing the solution’s accuracy in providing valuable insights and automating CRM data entry. Identifying needed changes.


Applying the solution for 100% call analysis and CRM enrichment across La Poste’s call centers.

Continuous optimization

Updating the models based on usage data and text annotations. Improving features and performance through close collaboration.


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What are the key results?

Project timeline [.text-color-grape]÷ by 10[.text-color-grape]

“The Lettria NLP platform allows us to provide our clients with valuable insights that drive innovation and improve customer experience across industries."

Sayah Chennoufi

What are the next steps?

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