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  • Natural Language Comprehension

    • High accuracy API
    • Sentiment and Emotion Analysis
    • Ready to scale
  • Natural Language Structuration

    • No-code ontology edition
    • Graph database
    • Turn information into knowledge
  • Auto Lettria

    • Data annotation with active learning
    • Train and deploy in minutes
    • No dev-ops required

Lettria helps you

run your NLP project switch to knowledge graphing train your own language model
Data format

Tell us more about your Data

Our platform adapts to pretty much every text-related input, wether it is an email, PDF document or a Google Review. It natively embeds Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and parses tables.

Highlight and fine-tune in a matter of seconds

Get started right away by creating a specific pipeline and choosing your analyses from among a baker’s dozen (i.e., spell check, sentiment analysis, IA entity recognition and more) Teach Lettria what you want to extract.

Use cases
You’re not alone

You’re not alone

Create a work group (or several) and invite your collaborators, so you can build dictionaries and annotate data together.

We also have a little gift for you: 750,000 pre-categorized words to help you kickstart your project. You’re welcome.

Start processing & monitor quality

That’s pretty much it. You’re ready to go. Our language processing toolkit is available as a single easy-to-use API and a no-code platform. Collect your results and monitor.

Read about our technological approach ->

Start processing & monitor quality
Import your data, highlight what matters

Import your data, highlight what matters

We have created the most sophisticated platform for annotating text: create links between words or groups of words, identify hierarchies between concepts in a few clicks.

Edit your very own knowledge ontology in a few clicks

Ontology is a fancy way to refer to a set of concepts related to each other.

In other words, just tell us what you precisely want to extract in your documents.

Edit ontology
extract information

Generate properties & extract information in your document

Each property should be linked to at least one pattern. Each pattern is a sequence of elements to be found in the document.

Your data is now fully structured & accessible

You can export it in your own database, or in excel mode if you want. Lettria also offers graph database capabilities to help to explore and visualize your data in an innovative format.

Read about our technological approach ->

data structured & accessible
what you want to do

Tell us more about what you want to do

You can choose between binary and multi label classification, regression or word tagging.

Upload your raw data and unlock smart labelling

You’re not alone : invite teammates or clients! Collaborate with peer-to-peer reviewing.
Accelerate with Active Learning (30% less annotation on average). Don’t have any labelled data?
That’s ok, some of our models work without.

unlock smart labelling
model training

We handle the model training

Our system trains several models in parallel, depending on your needs and data, and selects the most efficient one.

Deploy in a matter of clicks

Export your own custom model, or wait for us to send you an API token. No devops, no hassle.


Short on time? Ask our support team to help you kickstart your project.

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