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Platform Story

Are your customers finding the right products?

Lettria automatically suggests better links and attributes to enrich your product catalog, and helps your customers find relevant search results and recommendations.

Automate your growth

Increase your Average Order Value.

Product specialists spend hours thinking about all the ways to name and classify products. Lettria automatically processes your data and suggests ways to enrich your product catalog.

  • Stop losing time during brainstorming sessions.
  • Generate suggestions coming from market and competitors' expertise.
  • Power your search bar with additional insights.

Main Features

Discover our main features

A team of data science experts
50+ integrations available
Data cleaning platform and API
Open-source-based technology
A team of expert linguists
Secure architecture
4+ years of expertise in AI and NLP
A personalized onboarding
Real-time data transfer
Stand out from the crowd

Your customers expect more from you.

Lettria transforms your tree-structure or taxonomy into an ontology, by creating and suggesting categories, attributes and relations between them. On average our clients triple their number of concepts.


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Without Lettria

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With Lettria



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