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Automated Quality Management Explained for Call Centers

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In the move towards business evolution, automated quality management (AQM) emerges as a pivotal lever, propelling organizations into new echelons of operational proficiency.

This article sheds light on what automated quality management is and underscores its paramountcy across various industries.

Defining Automated Quality Management

Let’s dive into the world of Automated Quality Management (AQM) by breaking it down into simpler bits, looking at its history, its problems, and how it changes the game in making sure quality stays top-notch.

Why Care About Quality Management?

In terms of defining it simply, quality management (QM) is all about ensuring what you sell, whether it’s a product or service, maintains a standard of excellence. Notably, good quality means happy customers, which, in turn, means they come back and tell their friends.

Consequently, QM helps protect your brand and secures you a strong position in the market.

Traditional Quality Management: A Look Back

Reflecting on history, back in the day, maintaining quality was primarily a hands-on job. Individuals would scrutinize products and processes, employing various math-based methods to identify any issues and uphold quality.

However, this method presented its own array of headaches:

  1. Firstly, it took ages. Manual checks are slow and take time.
  2. Secondly, it increases the likelihood of mistakes. People sometimes miss things or get it wrong. It’s only human.
  3. Thirdly, it used up valuable time. Keeping employees on monitoring means they can’t do other useful things.
  4. Finally, it presented scalability issues. The bigger a business got, the harder it was to keep the manual checks going.

Automated Quality Management**: A New Player in Keeping Quality Solid**

Now, AQM brings in a tech-savvy way to manage quality, mixing the carefulness of old-school QM with quick and efficient automation. Here’s what it does differently:

  • Speeds Things Up: AQM finds and fixes issues much faster.
  • Reduced Errors: With fewer human checks, fewer mistakes slip through.
  • Frees Up Your Team: When machines do the checking, your people can do other important work.
  • Enhanced Scalability: As your business expands, automated quality management systems can easily keep up and ensure quality doesn’t dip. So you can focus on growing your business.

Stepping into a Simpler, Quality-Driven Future

In essence, Automated Quality Management isn’t merely a tool; it’s a fresh approach to quality.

It allows businesses to transition smoothly from the manual, more error-prone methods of the past into a future where quality control is both fast and reliable, without causing additional strain on your team.

Thus, with AQM, businesses adopt a simple, yet robust, strategy, ensuring quality is consistent, even as they expand.

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Why Call Centers Need Automated Quality Management

If you’re a call center operator or manager, it can feel like a bumpy ride.

Keeping customers happy is the goal, and Automated Quality Management acts as a helpful guide to make that journey smoother and more straightforward.

Quality Matters in Call Centers

To delve a bit deeper into practical application, consider this: customers call, they want help, understanding, and quick solutions. When they receive that, they subsequently trust the brand more and decide to stick around.

Therefore, when call agents chat nicely and solve problems, they’re not just fixing issues - they’re retaining customers.

The Bumps in the Road for Call Center Quality

But, making sure every call is great is not always easy. Call centers deal with:

  1. Lots of Calls: Managing many calls and still keeping the quality high.
  2. Being Consistent: Making sure all agents are giving the same top-notch service.
  3. Solving Fast: Balancing quick solutions with making customers happy.
  4. Handling Information: Managing customer data well to keep getting better.

Automated Quality Management: Making Call Center Quality Simpler

Here's where AQM steps in to help:

  • Always Watching: Firstly, AQM keeps an eye on all calls, making sure every single chat is good, which is tough with just people checking.
  • Keeping Agents on Track: Secondly, it checks interactions and gives feedback to keep every agent doing their best and providing the same level of service.
  • Using Data Well: Thirdly, it finds and uses data points to spot and fix issues, making the service better all the time.
  • Making Customers Happy: Finally, with quick, consistent, and good-quality service, customers stay satisfied and loyal.

Picture this: a call center that integrates AQM to enhance quality.

Now, every call undergoes checks (not just a select few), customer satisfaction has risen, calls are resolved more swiftly, and agents receive precisely the training they need to improve.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win scenario – for the business, the agents, and the customers alike.

We’ve already written about speech analytics call center solutions, and that’s one way of implementing automated quality management in your call center.

Moving Ahead with Automated Quality Management in Call Centers

In short, AQM doesn’t just maintain; it lifts everything up a notch.

For call centers using Automated Quality Management, it means sailing more smoothly through the hectic world of customer calls, high volumes, and always trying to be better.

It's a move that makes both the business and the customer come out on top, creating a balanced and happy relationship.

What’s more, is that you can also take things up a few levels and automatically add key information from your sales and support calls into your CRM directly.

Lettria’s Automated Quality Management Solution for Call Centers

If you’re interested in applying Automated Quality Management to your own call center operations, have a look at Lettria’s quality monitoring solution.

Our modern, AI-based solution allows you to make decisions based on 100% of your knowledge, rather than just a few randomly selected calls. With Lettria, 100% of your calls are listened to by our AI and passed through to your quality analysis grid.

This way, you can reinforce training and management initiatives while tracking each call for script compliance. Focus on the most sensitive calls, and guarantee that important information isn’t forgotten.


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